The story behind the Aircleaner

“Henk Klop (56) founded Klop Innovations in 2006, a company that supplies smart products which enable users to work dust-free. Among other things, he developed the AIRBO Aircleaner, an air purifier which uses a combination of filters to purify up to 99.95 percent of all particles (to 0.3 µm) out of the air. When Henk heard about the coronavirus, he knew what he had to do. “I immediately got in touch with TNO, so that we could test whether this product could be of use in the fight against corona. They confirmed what I already knew: with the AIRBO Aircleaner you can prevent transmission of the coronavirus from patients to care workers.”

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How it began

Henk began his career as a tools representative. When he took the step of setting up in business, he looked for something that could be useful in the construction industry. Henk: “One of the most common complaints of builders is the quantity of dust that they are exposed to every day. It’s not nice to work in, clients are not happy with it, and it is extremely unhealthy. That is what gave rise to my interest in dust”. In 2013, he launched the AIRBO Aircleaner.

Proven technology

In the following years, interest in this product grew. Not just within construction, but also among other painters and housing associations. Because if the dust can be purified from the air, other things must also be possible. Henk: “I was asked if I could also purify odours, or spray mist. Because I am keen to help people to work as efficiently, pleasantly and healthily as possible, I brought together all the knowledge and experience I had acquired in the field of air filtering. In February 2020 I launched the second generation of the AIRBO Aircleaner, based on the technology which had proven itself in the meantime in the construction industry.”

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Protecting care professionals

And then the coronavirus came along. In order to defeat this virus, as far as Henk is concerned we all need to contribute to the effort. He is doing this with the AIRBO Aircleaner. In collaboration with TNO, over the last few weeks he investigated whether this apparatus with its HEPA H13 filter could be of added value, and if so, in what form. Henk: “We need our care providers even more than ever now. So it is important to keep them healthy. The current protection methods are not sufficient to achieve this. Use of the AIRBO Aircleaner protects the health of care workers many times better.”


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New development in the combat against corona

Together with TNO and Rijksen Speciaal Timmerwerk, Henk developed a so-called desk-front fitting that the air purifier is mounted in. This desk-front can be installed at standing or sitting height in front of the face of a person who may be infected with the coronavirus. The apparatus continually purifies the air and catches all the particles that the person spreads by talking, coughing or sneezing. This means that these do not reach the care worker on the other side of the desk. This way, carers and patients can communicate together without transmission of the virus taking place. Henk: “My neighbour from across the street is in hospital with corona and a number of people in my circle of acquaintances have died of the virus. It does me good to think that we can prevent more infections with my product.”