Frequently asked questions

About the AIRBO Aircleaner®

Due to the seriousness and the extent of spread of the corona crisis there is great demand for effective protective equipment for medical personnel in the first line (General Practitioners) and the second line (doctors, nurses). The AIRBO Aircleaner offers both a physical (plexiglass) and a ventilation (extraction) barrier against corona infection, and continually filters the air to HEPA H13 level. Below you will find all the answers to the frequently asked questions about the functioning of the AIRBO Aircleaner!

AIRBO Aircleaner

Is the product immediately available?

The product has been further refined and is immediately available in various models.

Is the product still at an experimental stage?

The product is no longer at an experimental stage: it has been tested and validated by the TNO research institute. Furthermore, the air purifier is a further development of a product based on reliable technology, and the furniture is manufactured in a way that has been used in medical environments for many years.

Who is the product suitable for?

The product is suitable for all situations where people are exposed to the risk of infection by human contact. The product has been primarily developed for care workers who are frequently exposed to contact with patients on a daily basis in hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, pharmacies, care homes or care institutions. But the AIRBO Aircleaner is also very suitable as a desk for public locations, as a desk-front fitting for your reception or service desk in garages, shops or hotels.

What if I am interested in this product for my company, or as a private individual?

Leave us a note by e-mail: [email protected] or order it directly in our webshop at

The AIRBO Aircleaner and the coronavirus

Does the AIRBO Aircleaner really filter corona?

The combination of filters in the Aircleaner has been tested by TNO and it meets the highest standards: 99.95% of all particles (to 0.3 μm) are filtered out of the air. So droplets from coughing and moisture from exhaling are filtered by this, including those which are infected with the coronavirus. With our products, the coronavirus is really removed from the air, instead of just stopping it like with a splash screen made of plexiglass.

What variants of the product are available?

The AIRBO Aircleaner is a portable, universal solution and is available as a tall unit which can be installed in front of a reception desk or (takeaway) counter, or can be installed as a lower desk model on top of an existing desk. In addition, there are various table models in different colors available that can be placed separately in a room. In all models the AIRBO Aircleaner air purifier is built-in, and they are plug-and-play.

How do I take care of replacing the filters?

Replacing the set of filters once a year is sufficient.