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The beating heart of the Aircleaner housing

The AIRBO Aircleaner is a product of Klop Innovations, and in collaboration with Rijksen Speciaal Timmerwerk and TNO we have developed a range of furniture housings, to protect care workers in the first and second line against infection with the coronavirus. The beating heart of this piece of furniture is the AIRBO Aircleaner: a refined air purifier with an HEPA H13 filter which is capable of filtering the smallest particles out of the air.

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Klop Innovations

The leading specialist in dust solutions

Since 2006, Klop Innovations has been supplying tools which reduce the physical strain on users, and protect their health. We offer advice on working with less strain, develop innovative products, and help with dust control, so that our clients can work healthily and efficiently. The fact that this approach works is to be seen in the excellent references that we have built up over the years, and the prizes within construction and installation technology that we have won.

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Rijksen Speciaal Timmerwerk

Specialist in exclusive custom-built interiors

Rijksen Speciaal Timmerwerk specialises in exclusive custom-built interiors for both private clients, companies and institutions. With nearly 25 years’ experience of tailored solutions for the most widely varying projects, they are the ultimate partner for specialised custom work.

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